Personalized natural healing for people of all ages

Your Health

More than ever before, patients carefully select a health professional, asking questions before they decide to make an appointment. 

Tree of KnowledgeHealth Concerns

You are a whole person and wish to be treated as one. You want to know what types of concerns we treat: nerve, muscle, bone, hormone, metabolism, immune system, nutrition, stomach/intestine problems and supportive care for other conditions.

You as an Educated Patient

You are smart. You know what qualities you are seeking in a health care professional, and you know what you dislike.

You as an Educated Consumer

You are busy. You want to know: Can you help me? How much will it cost? How long will it take?

“Dr. Carla is fantastic! I’ve worked with her for years. My children are regular clients too. She has always been respectful of and sensitive to my particular physical needs. Her in-depth knowledge of anatomy and physiology is impressive."

- Elizabeth, St. Paul