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Dr. Breunig's Philosophy of Health

My Perspective

In the healing world, there is a term "vitalism." It means that the bodily processes of life are not 100% explainable by the laws of physics and chemistry. Life, at least in part, is self-determining. Our bodies are self-healing and self-determining. We are an intelligent ecosystem.

During our lives on this planet, we will have pain: physical, mental, emotional and spiritual pain. Whether we suffer or not is up to us. As your doctor, I promise to be a witness to your pain, and to do my best to help alleviate some of your pain – in particular, the unnecessary pain. No one can remove all pain; in fact, some necessary pain is actually an effective medicine – an agent for change. We have the power to choose our response to a stimulus. In our response lies our healing and liberation.

I believe that each person's job is to bring their best gifts to the world, working from our strengths and bringing our uniqueness to our relationships. Our job is to free ourselves from fear, doubt and control. In the face of difficulties and trauma, we can surrender to trust, compassion and gratitude.

My Intention and Inspiration

I commit myself fully to my patient's health and healing. My greatest joy in my work is to witness people heal and thrive. They learn to trust their body again and contribute to the world in a way that is meaningful to them. Together with my patients, I seek to help them see and remove obstacles to deep healing and regain balance in their health.

I will utilize the best techniques that my education, experience and intuition has taught me. I will stay current with advances in health care, teaching my patients the difference between disease care and health care and bridging the gap between these two paradigms.

My healing is my own responsibility. I encourage my patients to embrace self-responsibility as well.

“I have a patient who has fibromyalgia. Once I asked her how our work together benefited her. She stated that chiropractic adjustments and craniosacral therapy help her balance her energy in her life.  They help her control pain and fatigue, and prevent crises.  She has gained an acceptance of her body and her condition. The gentle treatments for her hips and spine combined with self-care stretching, ice therapy, epsom salt baths, adequate sleep and a vegetarian, gluten-free diet help keep her life in balance to enjoy more moments of comfort and ease.”

— Dr. Carla Breunig

Patient Treatment