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Nutrition and Lifestyle Wellness

NutritionDr. Breunig's approach to nutrition and diet:

Nutrition plays a vital role in the maintenance of good health and the prevention and treatment of disease. At Roots WellCare, we look at the role nutrition and diet play as they relate to your health issues. 

  • The standard american diet (SAD diet) is insufficient to protect against disease. 
  • A plant-based, mostly organic diet and nutritional supplementation are essential

Dr. Breunig is certified in First Line Therapy.

First Line Therapy is a Lifestyle Wellness program that helps you prevent and manage chronic illness. It utilizes healthy nutrition, nutritional protocols, exercise and stress management to help you make progress towards your goals. It is helpful for those who:

  • Are overweight/obese
  • Have metabolic syndrome (pre-diabetes)
  • Have Type II diabetes

Detoxification: You can feel better than ever!

Dr. Breunig suggests the ClearChange program:
You will have more energy, more restful sleep, and fewer cravings.

  • The build-up of toxins from the environment and our diet interferes with health.
  • Clean out your liver using quality protein, carbohydrates and micronutrients.
  • Jumpstart your metabolism prior to a weight loss or weight management program.

The Value of Nutritional Supplementation:

  • Farming practices and environmental factors strip nutrients from soil.
  • Nutrients from food are inconsistently bioavailable and are lost with cooking and processing.
  • Prescription drugs interfere with nutrient absorption.
  • Health problems need targeted nutrient doses to address them.
  • Nutritional needs vary with pregnancy, breast feeding, and use of alcohol, birth control and estrogen replacement compounds.
  • Nutritional status varies with treatment for cancer and other immunosuppressive diseases.
  • Major trauma (surgery, burns) can negatively affect nutritional status.
  • Age-specific poor diet profiles of teenagers and elders affect health outcomes.

Nutritional Assessment Tools:

Dr. Breunig uses the individual consultation, your diet diary, and a health appraisal questionnaire to track symptoms and problems in the following areas:

  • Stomach, small intestine, pancreas, colon
  • Liver, gall bladder, thyroid, adrenal glands
  • Blood sugar regulation
  • Heart, circulation
  • Mood: depression, anxiety, anger
  • Immune sensitivity:  eyes, ears, nose, throat, lungs, skin
  • Kidneys/bladder
  • Bone, muscle, connective tissue
  • Brain, spinal cord, nerve
  • Men's and Women's health: prostate, uterus, ovaries, etc.

Dr. Breunig also uses Genova Diagnostics for laboratory testing when appropriate. Diagnostic tests using blood, saliva, urine and stool samples may reveal early signs of disease.

Why go it alone? Dr. Breunig will coach you to achieve your nutritional and lifestyle goals.


“Dr. Breunig was recommended to me several years ago by someone I hold in very high esteem. I have not been disappointed. First and foremost, Dr. Breunig listens. She put together a nutrition plan that I could live with - no small thing!  She is skilled and caring in her approach - whether it be a sore neck and shoulder from too much knitting or continuing care after spine surgery.”

- Pamela Wielde Creager, St. Paul