Personalized natural healing for people of all ages

You as an Educated Patient

In her 21 years of practice, Dr. Breunig has learned so much from her patients! She listens to their stories as they reveal the history of their health concerns and how they have lost their vitality.

Dr. Breunig has learned that her patients want:

  • Drug-free health care
  • Information and choices
  • Support for decision-making around health care options
  • Treatment that combines the wisdom of healing traditions with contemporary bioscience

Dr. Breunig has learned that her patients dislike:

  • Disrespectful treatment from health care providers
  • Rushed office visits with health care providers, allowing little time for questions
  • Being treated in a “cookie cutter” fashion, rather than as an individual

With Dr. Breunig, you may expect her to be part coach, part cheerleader, and part challenger. She will advise you as a coach, helping to co-create your health goals. She will challenge and encourage you to “walk your talk.” Finally, she will praise and validate your progress and accomplishments. Hooray!

At Roots WellCare, you determine the extent of care that you want. With acute, immediate problems, Dr. Breunig will diagnose and treat you. If you need rehabilitation, Dr. Breunig will work with you to learn self-care exercises and make nutritional and lifestyle changes to become completely well. With maintenance care, Dr. Breunig strategizes with you on how to consolidate your progress and stay well.

Dr. Breunig has a revolving door policy, meaning that at any point, you may leave and return as you wish. 

To learn more about the services that Dr. Breunig offers, see Health Services.

"I have appreciated Dr. Breunig’s gentle approach towards addressing some personally difficult issues regarding nutrition. I admire her knowledge and willingness to read, explore and improve upon her professional skills. My overall physical and emotional wellbeing has improved greatly. I like that she assumes I am competent and an equal partner in my treatment.”

- RG, Minneapolis