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Coach, Cheerlead, Challenge

Dr. Breunig as Your Coach

What is the role of a coach? A good coach gets your buy-in with the instruction and helps you move in the direction that you wish to go. A good coach takes your best skills and improves on them, and also inspires you to want to learn more.

On your end, motivation and desire are needed. Without these, there is no enthusiasm or wholehearted effort.

Dr. Breunig listens to your goals, understands what motivates you, and works as a team with you to improve your health and how you function in your life.

Dr. Breunig as Your Cheerleader

Creation of a new health habit requires motivation and sustained effort. Who does not need support along the way? Dr. Breunig encourages you and celebrates your success. Baby steps to new healthy habits create momentum for additional progress and goals. Dr. Breunig “has your back”!

Dr. Breunig as Your Challenger

It is human nature to sometimes become complacent or satisfied with the status quo. If you wish to create a new healthy habit, it may not happen unless you are accountable to someone. Whether it is eating more vegetables, exercising three times per week or sitting less at your computer, Dr. Breunig will remind you of your goals and nudge you toward them.



“I’ve seen Dr. Breunig for both acute as well as maintenance health needs. She is consistently thorough, gentle, and resourceful. Her care has made a significant positive impact on my health and well-being.”

— Amy U, St. Paul