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The Well-Being MindsetThe Well-Being Mindset

It’s that time of year: resolutions, solicitations to join this or that weight loss program, etc. We all know by now that resolutions don’t work and within a few weeks, many people forget what they even were!

Reflections in Difficult TimesReflections in Difficult Times

Like you, I’ve had ups and downs during this Covid-19 pandemic: tears, anger, disappointment, fear, grief. I’ve had time to reflect.

10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Usually we hear, “watch for these 10 warning signs of __________ (fill in the blank with XYZ disease).” How often do we learn the 10 warning signs of full-blown health? Hardly ever or never!