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Feel the Wind and Stay Rooted

I recently came across this Chinese proverb:

When the root is deep, there is no reason to fear the wind.

I have been considering this proverb in relation to aging in particular. When roots of a plant grow deep into the ground, they encounter obstacles: rocks, roots from other nearby plants, etc. What do they do? They adapt and grow around the obstacle.

As we age, are we able to face the obstacles and go deeper anyway? How do we do this? I feel that one of the first things we need to do is wrap our mind around the fact that we are all aging. No way around it! It's gonna happen. I hear often of “anti-aging” medicine – I dislike this term. I prefer aging well … aging with grace.

In my natural healing practice, I see three types of approaches to aging:

- Embracing it and developing a plan to work with changes that occur;

- Getting angry and/or fearful about it and continuing on a path that beats down the physical body;

- And, ignoring it and pretending it is not happening (like Scarlett in Gone With the Wind: “I'll think about that tomorrow”.)

So, what is your wind? Spinal stenosis? Scoliosis? Osteoporosis? We often dislike the words: chronic degenerative condition. Such conditions are more often managed, rather than cured. Many of my patients dislike hearing this from me. But I owe them the truth. My goal with these patients: help them to feel the wind and stay rooted. I do this through education about their condition, exercises for strengthening and stretching, and nutritional advice to address the metabolic/biochemical aspect of their condition. With knowledge comes hope and courage to face and not fear the wind.