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10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Usually we hear, “watch for these 10 warning signs of __________ (fill in the blank with XYZ disease).” How often do we learn the 10 warning signs of full-blown health? Hardly ever or never!

And what does full-blown mean? It is a trip to even think that we could have full-blown, wholehearted health. That would mean that we are fully healthy, mentally, physically and emotionally. Wow! Since health is not just the absence of disease, what would full-blown health look like?

The 10 warning signs of full-blown health are:

  1. Persistent presence of a support network
  2. Chronic positive outlook
  3. Sense of spiritual involvement
  4. Increased sensitivity to our environment
  5. Tendency to adapt to change
  6. Increased appetite for physical activity
  7. Tendency to communicate feelings
  8. Episodic gratitude, generosity and joy
  9. Compulsion to contribute to society
  10. Persistent sense of humor

We will explore these in more detail.

First, the support network: who is on your team? If you are single, who will help you out at home, or in the hospital if you need assistance? Cultivate new friendships. Value old friendships. Make an effort to stay in touch. I know it sounds cliché, however, it rings true that if you want a friend, first be a friend to others. Nurture friendships that are a two-way street, not just your energy going out to others. After the September 11, 2001 tragedy, researchers learned that those people who experienced deep grief at the loss of a loved one recovered more quickly and deeply if they had a core support team of friends and family.

Coming up in the next blog:  a chronic positive outlook.