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20 year Retrospective Reflections

Wow! As of January 2015, I have been in practice for 21 years. Looking back, I see what I have learned about health, some of which my wonderful patients have taught to me. In this blog and future ones, I will highlight a few.

One of the roles that I have played with my patients is that of a “bridge” between traditional western medicine and complementary and alternative medicine. As a holistic health practitioner, I tend to see three different types of people:

a. Those who have seen many western medicine practitioners and have received little or no help with their health condition. They come to see me as the “last resort”, and most often, are helped with my treatments.

b. Those who have a Middle Way balance of seeing an M.D. for medical care, and have a variety of other types of practitioners on their health care team (e.g. chiropractors, massage therapist, acupuncturists, nutritionists, etc).

c. Finally, those who would never dream of seeing a traditional western doctor for anything! With these patients, I often have to nudge them (sometimes kicking and screaming) to see an M.D. for additional testing or diagnosis if I feel it is warranted for their health condition.

In this twenty year time span, I have developed a deeper appreciation for the value of the professional relationship between the doctor and patient. Actually, I prefer thinking about the relationship as co-teacher to co-teacher. Each patient teaches me about himself or herself, and I in turn share my knowledge and experience about how to work with the body and mind when it comes to a particular health concern. My patients/clients pay me to share information with him, guide them, give them advice, treat them, and help them to reconnect with their own body wisdom. A deep belief and trust in one's health care provider is important. This can only be developed over time. I love treating individuals and families and watching them grow older and stay healthy. My youngest patient was age 24 hours and my oldest so far has been age 95!

Stay tuned in future blogs for retrospective reflections over twenty years!