Personalized natural healing for people of all ages

Do you want to:
Have less pain, and more energy?
Set and reach your health goals?
Age well?
Feel more in control of your health?
Reconnect with the joy of living?

Delivering effective, integrative care in a respectful, compassionate manner.

We help your body & mind remember what they were designed to do: heal themselves.

Your Health Concerns

Nerve, muscle and bone conditions
Hormonal imbalance
Metabolic concerns
Immune system challenges
Nutritional imbalance
Gastrointestinal problems
Other supportive care

How We Help

Roots WellCare knows that good health is the foundation for living fully and expressing your true self. Like a tree with deep roots and a beautiful, leafy canopy, get to the source of your health concerns with Dr. Breunig’s help.

Meet Dr. Carla Breunig

I have helped hundreds of clients restore and maintain function and balance in their bodies. My single goal is to get people well. Let me be your partner on this path!

From our Blog

Feel the Wind and Stay Rooted

Feel the Wind and Stay Rooted

Age well and with grace, no matter how fierce the wind that comes your way. Devise a plan to manage chronic degenerative conditions.

10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health

10 Warnings Signs of Full-Blown Health

Sounds weird, doesn't it? Usually we hear, “watch for these 10 warning signs of __________ (fill in the blank with XYZ disease).” How often do we learn the 10 warning signs of full-blown health? Hardly ever or never!

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"Dr. Breunig is one of the health care providers I most respect. I am impressed by her listening and communication skills. She takes good notes. I sought chiropractic care when traditional Western medicine failed. Dr. Breunig's wide knowledge of health care, and gentle touch helped me find relief. I have recommended Dr. Breunig to many people.”
— Jane Comee, Minneapolis